Gitanjali Group set up a separate CSR division in 2009, though it had been involved with different social initiatives for many decades before that. Now it conducts the CSR programmes in a more organized and focused way under a common banner, Sambhav, with greater employee involvement as well.
Some of the key areas of outreach under the CSR programmes of the Gitanjali Group are:

Saksham – Empowerment of People with Disability through Training and Employment
Gitanjali Group runs a special training institute for PwDs at Hyderabad. Over 250 trained PwDs are employed by the company there.
The company is in the process of designing a manual for sensitizing the jewelry industry about the benefits of training and employing PwDs. The aim is to spread awareness among the industry and boost training facilities so that their recruitment can be further enhanced. Similar institutes are planned in other important industry hubs.

Saakshar– Empowerment through Education
Gitanjali Group provides aid and assistance to agencies and institutions working in the field of education for both rural and urban youth and particularly to some important educational projects centered in Palanpur, Gujarat. A few institutions that the Gitanjali Group has supported are Smt. Geetaben Modi Vidya Sankul, K.M. Choksi Higher Secondary School and Shri Keshavlal Maneckchand Choksi Prathmik Shala 1 & 2 where Gitanjali Group has helped upgrade the infrastructure and provide educational materials like uniforms, books, slates, pencils, bags, shoes etc to several schools run by the Gram Panchayat and the municipal corporation.

Sujyot – Lighting up Lives
The Gitanjali Group is one of the major donors for the mega eye camps organized each year by the Bhansali Trust in remote areas of Bihar. The project works at the grass root level where every year Gitanjali undertakes to support the camps, which include free diagnosis and operations, covering approximately 2,000 villages. On an average about 45,000 people are examined and close to 10,000 people are operated every year..

Gitanjali Group has also been a regular donor to various projects of the Cancer Patients’ Aid Association of India, Save the Children India and provided them with various support and assistance.

Sneh – Spreading Smiles
Sneh is a mission undertaken by Gitanjali Group to interact with NGOs and support their initiatives on different fronts. Under this project, Gitanjali has interacted with NGOs in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and other places including with Deaf & Mute children, Joy of Giving, Daan Utsav and other campaigns.

Other social initiatives taken up by the company include Cleanliness drives under Swachch Abhiyaan, Energy conservation drive, Blood donation drives, Health awareness programs like Cancer awareness, Dental care, eye care, Diabetes awareness etc.

Srishti – Green Dream
This initiative is aimed at creating awareness regarding the responsible use of limited natural resources and the importance of preserving the ecological and environmental balance.

A major Tree Plantation drive was recently taken up at the Training Centre in Hyderabad, with over 500 saplings being planted across an area of over 1,000 sq m. Employees and trainees participated in the drive and maintenance.