The Gitanjali Group has had a presence in the fast growing e-commerce sector for over a decade. It is one of the first few from the gems and jewellery industry to explore opportunities via this new sales channel.

Over time it has developed extensive e-commerce operations beginning initially with sales through websites of its brands, but now moving forward to more focused and well-developed operations in two different spheres:

Brand Specific Portals :

Gitanjali has developed brand-specific marketplaces for most of its renowned marquee brands. These include brands dealing only in jewellery and others which additionally have brand extensions and associated accessories.

Marketplaces for Jewellery and Accessories :

Gitanjali has also developed a general broad based marketplace for jewellery and accessories at Jewelsouk.com, in which both the Group’s own brands as well as collections from other jewellery and accessory brands have their own independent presence.

Gitanjali brands are also available on both industry-specific as well as general web marketplaces.

The e-commerce initiatives are well-supported with social media and digital marketing.