Global Presence

Global Presence

Gitanjali has a developed presence in the top five diamond jewellery markets of the world, besides operations in other global locations as well.

Well known pioneers of branded jewellery and organized jewellery retailing in India with a presence in over 2,000 points of sale covering a variety of omni-channel retail formats spanning 200 towns and cities across the country.

Owns and operates around 120 stores under Samuels Jewelers Inc, which is among the top five specialty jewellery chains in the US. The chain primarily focuses on engagement rings and wedding bands.

Middle East
Gitanjali enjoys a presence as a leading branded jeweller from India through the distribution of Indian branded jewellery to over 50 stores of leading local retailers.

Retail of Italian brands through an independent store, plus several shop-in-shops in leading departmental stores retailing various collections of diamond jewellery under the brand name ‘Giantti’.

Retailing of five key Italian brands – Stefan Hafner, IoSi, Nouvelle Bague, Porrati and Valente – and access to jewellery retailers in UK.

Presence is through a strategic stake in a leading jewellery retailer and a 20% stake in the largest jewellery selling TV channel.