Gitanjali Group is strongly committed to supporting, encouraging and developing new innovations that will help to deliver better quality jewellery to end consumers.

One example is the support extended to Leading Jewelers of the World, a platform for quality, integrity and transparency, in its efforts to popularize a recent New Age metal, LumineuxUnoGOLD, developed by a leading Italian company.

This unique new metal alloy is an amalgamation of four precious metals – Gold, Platinum, Palladium and Silver, and has been created by Unolux Metallo Valenza S.R.L. after years of careful research and development.

The metals are alloyed in special proportions for an overall fineness of 95.5% and have a better lustre with unique tarnish retardant properties that help it retain its shine over extended periods. Tests carried out by experts in well equipped laboratories confirm that it gives good results for plating and polishing due to its physical properties and can even be reused post casting. The metal retains its shine much longer than silver.

Through its association with LJOW, Gitanjali Group promotes and markets LumineuxUnoGOLD across India.
Lumineux Uno products include Bars and Coins, as well as Princess jewellery crafted in plain metal; and Diya jewellery which is studded with diamonds.